Checklist for Wedding Reception: Things to Do

This is your ultimate checklist for everything you need to plan your dream reception.

1. First things first

  • Choose the wedding date.
  • Select your theme for the reception.

2. Wedding Venue

  • Reserve a venue for your reception.
  • Check with the reception venue to ensure that vendors have easy access to the site.
  • Before the big day, drop off your favors, placecards, guest book, toasting flutes and other items to the venue.

3. Plan your Wedding Reception Food & Beverages

  • If you need a caterer, hire one.
  • Participate in a tasting event.
  • Discuss the final menu and details with your caterer.
  • You can choose from soft drinks, wine and champagne as well as liquor.
  • Provide final head count to caterer. Confirm the set-up instructions.
  • Make sure to bring dessert to the reception.

4. Wedding Cake

  • A wedding cake vendor is available.
  • Place an order for your wedding cakes
  • With your wedding cake vendor, confirm details like head count, delivery time, location, and so on

5. Wedding Reception Music

  • Hire a band, or a DJ. Choose a MC.
  • Choose songs to be used for the introductions, first dance, birthday dance, cake cutting, father and daughter dances, anniversary dances, and last dance.
  • Make a list of songs that you must play and those that you should not.

6. Flowers

  • Hire a florist.
  • Your florist should confirm the number of centerpieces, boutonnieres and bouquets you want.
  • You will need to make a list of the people who will receive bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. This should be done by someone who will supervise the ceremony.
  • Your florist should confirm delivery time and location.

7. Photography and videography

  • Hiring a photographer.
  • A videographer is available for hire.
  • With your videographer and photographer, confirm the location, time, and date.
  • Make a list of must-take photos.

8. Rents

  • If you are looking to rent chairs, tents, furnitures, or a dance floor, find rental suppliers.
  • Confirm and finalize your order for event rentals

9. Additional Important Items for Wedding Receptions

  • Get wedding favors.
  • Make a timeline for the reception.
  • Create a seating chart for the reception.
  • Prepare your toasts.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Plan A Wedding Reception

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